Wing Chun Concepts Curriculum

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While comparing the various martial arts that we had studied, one of my mentors once remarked, “I think there are some arts that people read their way into. Aikido is one. Wing Chun is another.” More than a decade after that conversation, I now understand the truth of that statement. For you who wish to read and research and understand the art of Wing Chun, we provide the following chapters.

The first five chapters are presented in a linear sequence to help you read and understand more about this particular course, the art of Wing Chun Kung Fu, the scope of this curriculum, our unique training methodology, and how to get started with your training. The remaining links are resources for further reading, answering important questions, and understanding the history and evolution of Wing Chun. Please read the first five chapters prior to signing up, as this will help you decide if this course is right for you. Return to the other resources as you like.

Each of these chapters will take approximately 15 minutes to read. While available on phones, reading on a larger screen like a tablet, laptop, or computer is recommended.

The Wing Chun Concepts Course


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